Saturday, 28 February 2009


1. Bharwa (East UP style)
Roast saunf, methi seeds, dhaniya seeds, kalaunji, jeera and grind into a powder.
Make paste with lehsun, green chilli, amchur and salt.
Slit baigan (look out for any larva/insect), fill up with above paste.
Take little oil in karhai/pan, heat and put cook the stuffed baigan on a slow heat turning them over so that they are cooked all over.

2. West UP style
Make paste of lehsun, dhania powder, haldi powder, amchur and salt.
Baigan to be either slit or cut into four pieces.
In heated oil put filled baigan. (You can add pieces of mooli in it if you like it)

3. Baghara (South) style
Take small baigan and slit into four, leaving joined at base.
Roast groundnut, till, dry coconut grated and grind into powder.
Add powder of dhania, mirch, haldi, garam masala and roast it further.
Add imli juice to this, put some water and boil whole mixture.
Add split baigan to this mixture and cook some more.

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